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Treva Massive Zounds - Trier



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Entries: 178
01.10.2002 16:25, sista E-mail :
yo nasop
see ya in trier am 5 ten evtl

01.10.2002 14:00, alien E-mail Homepage :
nice site. bigup! visit:

29.09.2002 23:30, SECRET aka PINK PANTHER E-mail :
I I,
Greetings from di Island of Tropical Strom!
Me inna Town right now & I have a good time!
Hop everyting is everyting inna GerMONEY!
Contact me ...



19.09.2002 11:08, Kevin E-mail :
Servus Nasop!
Hab in irgendeinem Forum gelesen das du dir vor kurzem ein Dubplate von Max Romeo in London voicen gelassen hast. Meine Frage: In welchem Studio???
Flieg demnächst auch hin, und bräucht ein paar Adressen. Wäre nice wenn du ein paar Vorschläge für mich hättest, sei´s zu Studios, Plattenläden oder Übernachtungsmöglichkeiten.
Blessins´, Kevin

13.09.2002 15:46, nasop E-mail :
Blessins Queen...!!
Yuh cyan go inna trier (Only 50 km away from visit our Dances,seen ...dem always nice and good vibes fi sure ;)
On di other wae yuh cyan visit the Crossfire Soundcafe inna Lux-town if yuh wanna chillout and listen some reggae ..small one,seen
Me know dat inna Luxemburg deya Tribulation Sound(selecta smokey) and Crossfire Sound...but me cyaan tell ya where dem a play and dates
Hope yuh will get vibez inna new area ,too
So hope to see yuh next dance,too

09.09.2002 16:18, DA QUEEN E-mail :

no dancehall inna luxembourg??? ;-(
comin from Frankfurt/main, haffi work in luxembourg until december. Who can tell me whe I and I can go to? me a missing it dat much.


da queen

29.08.2002 15:14, Sergio Bonna Dutscho :
Yo Rocko da great!

29.08.2002 00:26, SECRET aka PINK PANTHER E-mail :


me goin to di Island of dreams inna couple of days!
Betta be aware of di man coming back to Germany and gon bust it up!!!
Leavin on di 4th of September!
When eva yu inna Kingston lets link up!
Send yu di Adress soon!

Keep di Tunes spinnin'!



23.08.2002 15:13, Rocko bella Dutschi :
Hi Ojt!!
greatas to you!!
War beim Beller Open Air...
Ihr standet auf Flyer...warst du da? C.

18.07.2002 17:50, *MaddBoi* :
irie nasop...da press from di istrien

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Entries: 178

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